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Annual Report 2010-2011

Rotaract Club of Ulaanbaatar

Annual Report     
With short description

Rotaract Club of Ulaanbaatar
Our club is the first Rotaract club in Mongolia, founded in 1999 and chartered in 2000. We encourage the devoted Mongolia’s next generation youths to contribute to the society by their enthusiastic mind and attitude.


1.      Basketball tournament of all Mongolian Rotaractors
Each year our Mongolian rotaractors compete in basketball for a championship which is also a good interclub health activity. The organizing team of the tournament is changing every time between Rotaract clubs. According the traditions last year’s basketball tournament was successfully organized by our UB club. It was held on 24th of October in 2010. There participated 8 Mongolian most active rotaract clubs including interact clubs, which are: Rotaract club of Ulaanbaatar, Khuree RAC, RAC of National University of Mongolia, Medical RAC and Selbe RAC, interact clubs of Hobby school and Orchlon. The tournament has had 8 male and 5 female teams. Gold medal in male category was awarded to the Medical Rotaract club, by the total amount of male and female team’s quantum points the Grand prize was awarded to Rotaract club of NUM.   
2.      Halloween party 2010
As we all know the Halloween is celebrated on 31th of October. Our club initiated to participate in Halloween party held in Iloft function house with other rotaractors. Many of our active rotaractors were involved and all the guys wore special costume for the party. The Halloween party was organized by Mongolian brand company APU LLC which announced to give the best costumes prize. Our rotaractors had costumes of the pirates and a big flag with Rotaract logo. Our mission was successfully accomplished and we were crowned for the “Best Costume” with prize
3.      Hope by the attend

We have initiated the project of kindness for poor and abandoned people in hospitals. The main objective is to serve kindness, to visit poor and abandoned people being on medical treatments in hospitals and give them hope, happiness once in a time. First visit has been very successful and we received a lot of appreciations from people, nurses and doctors. The project will keep going in a long-term; so we’re planning to attend many hundreds and thousands of people.

4.      Kindness and donation to orphanage children
In August of 2010 we got a lot support from MCS Anungoo LLC, around 1700 pieces toothpastes and similar amount of napkins. So we arranged those items for donation to state orphanage children and state infants’ clinic. We successfully implemented the project in September, 2010


5.      Hiking for mother nature
On 2nd of April our club with other rotaract clubs hiked to the Bogd-Khan mountain peak, one of the greatest sacraments of Mongolia. Our main objective was not just a hiking to the peak, but also cleaning the mountain from waste as much as we can. Basically, this activity is already started from last year and we’re planning to continue that project every year as a tradition.

6.      Youth Parliament
From 30th of June to 2nd of July we will be organizing the Youth Parliament conference. The organizing committee includes representatives from all Mongolian rotaract clubs. General type of the project is youth conference, controversy and open forum. Main objective of the project is consider about the self-development of young generation, increase youths social activity, to be a voice platform of new generation, discuss about gut issues and make decisions.  

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